My First Post on this Blog

Hello, my name is Siat and this is my personal blog. I have been writing from a long time. I have several other blog too, this is my new blog. This is also my portfolio. I have made this portfolio for my personal and of rmy work use. Previously the portfolio that i was using was built from scratch. Many have liked it and many have not. That one was a single page application SPA made with simple html and css. It was just a portfolio. It was never meant for a blog, i used it only for portfolio usage. Well it was long and the viewer had to scroll down for information. So far it was good. But still i thought to upgrade it but never had the time or never had the intensions to upgrade or build a new one.

I always wanted to built one in jekyll i installed ruby on my windows pc, but didn’t get the time. So this time when i was rearranging my cv and all my virtual stuffs as i was planning to apply for new jobs i thought why not built one this time. So i started finding a good theme for my jekyll website. Its really funny how a blog can be made with out having a server or without having a big codebase. It’s just the use of an item. How you choose to use a static web page. It’s all up to you, how you wanna do stuffs.

But the fact is whenever i write something or post anything on my blog i need to push it on the github repo. As this is hosted by github pages i need to update my github repo for publishing any post. So extra count on my activities. But what to do? I kinda like this type of blogging.

The main fun part that i like is the markdown writing. It’s easy and you can write anything and you can edit them anyway you want. So it is a good thing for me.

I will be continuing my writings on my previous blog and i will be writing on this too. So farewell for now we will see again until next time.

Written on July 21, 2020